Sunday, June 27, 2010

#48 Up Down & In Between

I thought that I had decided on how I wanted my hair for our wedding.
I had something like this in mind - very simple!

However, during the dress fittings I was discussing this with my dressmaker & one of my bridesmaids, & it's seeming that the style of dress that I have chosen isn't really done justice with my hair down...

So updos... must stay far far away from THE wedding updo. You know the one.

At the moment I like a loose, messy look.
Perhaps with a braid somewhere in there?

But I do also like the finger wave a lot...

And maybe I could get away with something like this?
Not sure what you would even call that... semi updo to the side? ;)

And there I was thinking I might not get a hairdresser... Hmm...

Opinions? Suggestions? Warnings? Tips?



  1. i LOVE the jessica alba one, and the second 'finger wave' one is also super cool. exiting!

  2. Have just realised that one of the photos escaped somehow :s Finger wave level of difficulty shall have to be investigated... where's the experts when you need 'em huh?!