Monday, June 14, 2010

#42 A Horse and Controversy...

Hi there! Remember me?

Whilst it would appear to most that I had fallen off the proverbial horse of blogging, ok ok - be apparent to most that I had taken a tumble - I really do have quite a legitimate excuse.

It is a tale of spur of the moment decisions, 3 cities, 1 dressmaker most exceptional, many cuppas - wines - & over indulgence in all things that fatten, news of the elating/devastating variety, & much loved up-ness from those whose hugs are too often too too far away...

Before the whirlwind that has enveloped me this last while, I had a Wedding (& everything else) To Do List about as long as your arm. Actually, make that my arm.
Now that same To Do List is about as long as the arm of the BFG. (High 5 to you if you get the reference?)
The said list included, somewhere among the reams, a bit more effort on my part in getting around to posting on here with some kind of regularity.
BUT. I was also thinking (dangerous to be sure!), 'Why?'
Is there any point in this blog? It hasn't saved my nearest & dearest from wedding talk nearly as much as I hoped it would, It feels mighty self indulgent, & i was also starting to wonder if it was a little cuckoo to be writing to myself?
Then while away, one of my delicious bridesmaids told me that she had seen another lovely friend recently, who I haven't caught up with for quite a horrible length of time.
This friend told my BM that although she hates weddings- or more specifically all the kitsch that come with them, she has been enjoying reading these pages of ramble & that she thinks I will have a beautiful wedding & will BM please take lots of photos to show her.
CUE WARM FUZZY FEELING! Bless her socks & silver (pearly white) jewelery ;)

Even though I have what feels like a thousand exciting things to update on, it would seem that oddly enough, this warm fuzzy feeling has manifested in me a desire to sabotage myself & this page & quite possibly ostracize me...


There. I've said it. It's out there.
I'm a loud & proud doily lover.
Please don't judge me?

Sanity from now on.
It's good to be home!


  1. Think you have converted me to the doily!

  2. Truly?! Well that just makes my day!!! You should see some of the other awesome doilyness i have found... jeepers did I have to restrain myself!

  3. Oohh love it! I am currently thinking the same thing about my blog - it feels odd talking to myself...