Friday, June 18, 2010

#45 Engaged... Again!

The night before our engagement-ish celebration in Melbourne, my engagement ring met with a fate worse than death...
Well ok not actually worse, but it did die. Violently.
Lucky I'm not superstitious hey?
What followed was a lot of ridiculous behavior by one jewelers who shall remain nameless.

However. Happily - 3 months later - I have some sparkling new bling!

I haven't taken any photos & I'm feeling lazy having been working on long overdue Save the Dates as well as Wedding Favours all night, but I've found this picture from the wonderful wide web that is mightily similar...

As with my first ill fated engagement ring, it is a LOT more traditional than what I would have expected myself to like?
It's very different to my usual taste in jewelery, which is big & chunky whereas this is quite fine.
I did play with the idea of an Amber ring for a while, a big & chunky one, but came to the realisation that although I'm not someone who has been planning their wedding since they were little or in all honesty even believed i would ever get married, I LIKE that it looks like an engagement ring... I also feel oddly guilty for that?


I feel ever so lucky & I LOVES it!



  1. Were you not totally shattered about Ring 1????

  2. I cried & laughed both at once, quite hysterically for a significant amount of time? Thankfully laughing won out ;)