Monday, October 11, 2010

#94 Goodbye for a While!

Tomorrow we leave for Adelaide for a wedding, family times & a big hit of wedding planning bonanza.
Eeee! Excitement!!!
We were really hoping that the whole 'crossroads' life situation would be well & truly resolved by now & that perhaps Mr N could stay with us for the whole trip but failing a last minute miracle that is definitely not on the cards. So it seems it will most likely be one week with Mr N, one without, which is disappointing but at least he's managing to get away for some of the time!

Super excited for the whole trip, obviously the wedding will be fantastic & it will be awesome to catch up with everyone because it feels like aggggggees since we've seen them all, but also because I  feel like this trip is really going to remind us how close our own wedding is & make it feel really real?
Because we've been planning from interstate I think in a way we've kind of bypassed a lot of the moments that would usually ground the whole experience in reality, making phone calls & sending emails just doesn't have the same kind of impact as visiting venues & meeting with people!
So this trip we visit Glen Ewin Estate, OUR wedding venue (Can anyone say YEEHAA!?), I get to have a coffee free coffee date with our delightful photographer Ms Angelsmith, hopefully the whole makeup/hair shenanigan will come together somehow, & we also will meet our caterer for the first time & decide on our menu!
I am super super SUPER excited about meeting with the caterer, I've only spoken to him once (after I booked them?) but I've got a really good feeling...
That's a whole bunch of tangible right there.
I will also (touch wood) be going on a vintage treasure trawl with my brilliant sister outlaw Miss S,
as well as just some general organisation of lots of smaller wedding details while we are in town.

Not to say that a tonne of diy hasn't made things feel like they are actually happening but when diy is as ongoing & i guess 'repetative' as most of mine is, you certainly begin to forget why you're doing it in the first place!

So as we'll be staying with family & friends, not to mention trying to soak up as much holiday feeling as possible while we're gone, it's doubtful I'll go too close to a computer (with the exception of on the guaranteed many times I'll need to use google maps anyway!) .
SO! Stay lovely, I'll be home soon.

C x