Thursday, February 25, 2010

#30 Garters...

I don't love them.

It may be sad, but it is the truth.
There is just an overwhelming amount of bridal garter kitsch out there! Kitsch is not the right word. Think of a worse word & please apply it.

Once I saw a garter that was gorgeous but the price tag was the kind that pained you to even look at. Haven't been able to find it again so even if my money tree did finally begin to flourish...

I informed Mr N that I would not be partaking in garter-ness. He objected.
So I am rethinking & keeping an eye out for a garter that doesn't give me reason to object.

Here are some that I have found & don't mind....

Or, perhaps I should mix it up? Whatcha reckon? ;)

There is also the matter of the tradition/origin of the 'Garter toss'... It's all a bit much?
Here's an interesting link if you would like a little history lesson...
And really, does the 'modern age man' really give 2 hoots about it all?!

Did you/Didn't you? Will you/Won't you? What do you think of it all?


  1. We didn't do it - wasn't really us at all - we didn't even throw the bouquet!! Very untraditional - my dress was blue even!! I do like the transformer ones though - you could not tell Mr N and give him a good laugh when he lifted your skirts to discover this!! LOL! Make sure someone is there with a camera to capture the look on his face :D

  2. I think if I was going to do it, and sacrifice prettiness for funny as well, I'd have to find something more relevant to us than transformers... say like,A Gumby garter? A Manchester City garter? Oh my... I wonder if you can get those?!?!