Saturday, February 20, 2010

#27 Same Same, But Different!

I'm still loving different bridesmaids dresses in similar shades...

I know I know, I already posted about them but I wanted to share this photo because I think it's just SO sweet & really captures my idea of what the ultimate bridesmaid dresses should look like.

Beautiful. Individual. Flattering.

Plus then you know they will likely get plenty more use in the future - hopefully with some lovely memories attached!

I thought I was leaning toward latte/tan/nude kinds of colours but I do love these in shades of grey... And lately I'm leaning toward grey suits too so...
So I don't know. Ha. What do you think???


    One of the best weddings I went to the bride had her two sisters... very difficult girls.... the only thing she asked was that they wear pink. One wore fuschia, the other wore pale pink. I don't think that you should wear matching dresses over the age of 6.

  2. I think that's an incredibly sound rule to live by! Although I think I need to go a step further in the brief and ask for no strapless them I do not.

  3. I love grey personally - my bridesmaid wore slate grey :) And no, I do think that strapless dresses are a bit tacky for a wedding - but thats just me :)

  4. Grey is lovely. At the moment I'm thinking grey suits & latte-ish dresses. With straps ;)
    And Cheryl, I am most suprised that you have not given an opinion on the flower choices thus far. Perhaps another post to draw you out Miss genius gardener?! hehe