Monday, February 22, 2010

#28 Thank You!

The perfect venue/caterer combo continues to elude us.

Feeling a bit down, & a lot stressed out about it today.
Especially as we decided last week to swap our date to the 5th, which is a Saturday = more popular - mostly already booked out since it's under the magical milestone of a year away.

Decided to ignore it all & spend the day with my gorgeous friend Mocha, and her little miss who is my rascals bestie.

Mocha, somewhat ironically, drinks mochaccinos. I'm partial to tea myself. Mostly.
Feel a lot better now. Doubt she does after my venting all day....
She puts up with a lot.

And then I came home to find what is for me & my little page of ramblings, an influx of followers & 'fans' & now I feel extra better!

So, this is for all you Beautiful people - thank you for your comments! - & for my Mocha bear.

Thank you for reminding me how lucky and blessed I am.


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