Sunday, November 22, 2009

#21 We're going on a tree hunt...

We're going to find a BIG one!

I don't yet know where... but surely somewhere in Adelaide there is a tree as beautiful as these ones with our name on it.
Well, not on it exactly as that would most likely be a fine-able offense as any trees this big & beautiful are probably national trust, but the tree meant for us anyway.

Can't you just picture it at the end of the aisle...

Gosh i hope we find one!

If you are in/are familiar with Adelaide & know where 'it' is-please please please enlighten me?

Sometimes my picky/stubborn-ness is little bit more than a lot annoying and i wish I could be more flexible with things... but mostly once I get a certain idea/image in my head then nothing else will do.
Hence the headache of the 'one or the other' direction of reception venue!
What to do, what to do?
Do we go with the surroundings we - yeah yeah lets be honest - i want....
Or with the food?
All attempts to get the 2 of them together have hit brick wall after brick wall after concrete slab.

What's that? Concentrate on the tree? Yup.


  1. I'll gladly assume the role of tree hunter. The botanic gardens has some gorgeous morton bay figs. And a secret Elvis memorial! Can you narrow it down to area? CBD? Coast? Eastern Subs. I can even send pics.

  2. Oh bless your heart! Area is tripping us up at the moment, yet to find the right venue as the latest 90%-er has had the outlaws report back as being a no go :s I saw some gorgeous trees at the botanic gardens when last there (although not in designated wedding areas) i did not, however, discover the secret Elvis memorial! I am ever so intrigued!

  3. Trees are very important - I love figs - when I eventually buy my property it is going to be based on whether or not it has several fantastic old trees, perfect for climbing and picnicing under etc etc.

  4. Figs are quite simply delicious. And they really are very good climbing trees! Tree climbing, i feel, is one of lifes greatest pleasures. I certainly don't do enough of it lately...