Wednesday, November 18, 2009

#18 Enthusasiam strikes again?

So it may be apparent at this stage, that I have a tendency when I like something to become a little...some may say obsessed, but I'll say enthusiastic?

My last post led me to Twigs and Honey and I'm feeling mighty 'enthusiastic' about this discovery!

Have been sitting here looking at the Twigs and Honey website and also their Etsy store, Goo and Gaa - ing like mad, and perhaps re thinking my decision to make my own veil...
I have a feeling that after having seen these anything I make will fall rather short.

I tried to narrow down my favourites. Honest I did.
I failed.

So all I can do is trust that you will feel just as 'enthusiastic' as I and not mind one bit that I MAY have gone a little over the top...


Fascinators (To be affixed to veil in this case)


Flower Girls

I really couldn't help myself. Clearly I have no self control.


  1. i think the fascinators, are so cute. they just look so chic to me. :)

  2. Aren't they just sublime! And most certainly chic. Which is your favourite?