Sunday, November 28, 2010

#98 Now We're Getting Somewhere!

Things have been moving along of late, & it feels good.
Obviously I still have SO many things to, of which I shall probably STILL have most to do right up until the date?
However! A great many things have been achieved of late!

A recent trip to Adelaide ticked off a great many things from the decor section of the list, including:
1x Couch, 1x Mirror, 1x Typewriter, 1x Door, 1x Desk, 3x Wooden Crates, 7x Wooden Picture Frames, 
As well as yet to be counted vintage china, numerous bottles, jars & pieces of wood...

An awesome introduction to Gepps Cross Markets (look for a man with a van at a stall that is only china, & barter away!), THE single best antiques & vintage shop in Semaphore - think antique shop with op shop prices?!- I've forgotten the name of that store at the moment... or have I hmm? Maybe subconsciously I'm being awfully selfish because I just don't want people to go & buy all the things I couldn't figure out how to get on the plane home as carry on... 
Also, Adelaide Rural & Salvage. Blew my mind. If I ever build a house in SA, you can bet at least half of it will come from there.
Went to the North Adelaide Vintage & Fashion Fair (here on facebook) with the sublime Ms T my bridesmaid to be, the ever glamorous Ms S my sister to be & her lovely friend who was an absolute scream! It was here that I came perilously close to becoming a collector of teacups... Eeek!
I have booked our make up artist ( by our I mean the bridal party, not Mr N & I ) as well as our hair stylist,
hooray! We were going to attempt doing our own hair but I changed my mind... obviously I am to vain? Ha.
So more on that another time - hair & makeup not my vanity. 

Tapas at Mesa Lunga on Gouger St with Ms T & Ms S. AMAZING. And oh the Sangria!

Went a - shopping with Ms T for her bridesmaids dress... FOUND IT! It. Is. Amazing. Once again I am jealous. Also found her the most fabulous shoes, no luck with mine though. Barefoot anyone?

It was my birthday while away, & I was most amazingly spoilt this year with a trip to Kenji, a modern Japanese restaurant on Hutt St with Mr N, Ms T & Best Man Mr C, simply can not recommend it enough. Heaven in your mouth. 
Mr N & I also 'went away' for the weekend & stayed at the Stamford, dined at our favourite Yum Cha establishment Ding Hao & had drinks at  Dragonfly Bar & Casablabla both of which I would highly recommend!
Mr N gave me the new Julia Stone solo album  'The Memory Machine' which is, as to be expected, brilliant.
He also gave me a perfect solid silver engraved bangle, & the mens CK watch that I've been coveting for some time... my first watch in about 10 years?
As yet I have failed to book a florist, despite trying! I am currently thinking that it's a sign that I should stick to the plan to do my own.
I also received an email in response to my request (*ahem* begging)  to have a couple of photos taken at an unnamed horse riding establishment not far from our wedding venue. This I am taking as a sign to commit an act of horse-napping. Or perhaps more likely, climb a fence in my wedding gown at the first horsed paddock we come across....

Big Loves, 
C x


  1. WOW!! Sounds like you had an absolutely amazing time away!! AND got thoroughly spoiled for your birthday (as it should be might I add!) xx

  2. wow! you have been busy! i have put my Xmas order in with matt for the JS solo album too , cant wait :) xx