Thursday, April 7, 2011

#107 1950 Does Too!

To follow on from the previous post, another sublime find by my friend Eva via Vintageous (cute name huh?).
How delicious is this 1950's cocktail dress?!
Made from ivory lace & 3 layers pink organdy & with a structured bodice, i think it would make a perfect wedding dress for a garden party wedding...
I hope the lucky person who bought it for a mere $265 thinks so too!
Just more evidence that an absolutely stunning & one of a kind wedding gown needn't cost the earth... & I don't need to explain the benefits of 'recycling' right? ;)


Thanks for the eye candy Eva!



  1. Oh lordy I WANT THAT DRESS! (And the figure to go with it!)

  2. I thought of you! It would suit you to a t beautiful x
    p.s me tooo!
    p.s.s I am BUSTING to do a project with you, darn this distance!!! I'm going to start making plans.... & then just try to sweep you up in it ;)